Sciatic nerve injury

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Hey have any of you guys (gals) torn your hamstring which in turn caused the sciatic nerve in your leg to be compressed? What should i do about it, it got so bad that i was forced to leave gymnastics because it could do PERMANTE damage!!! :confused:
Wow--sorry to hear about that. I ruptured a disc in my lower back L4/L5 and had to have surgery to remove it back in 1993. I was a long distance runner and all the pounding messed up my back. Every now and then still, I have sciatic pain that runs down my left leg which makes my leg go numb (strangest feeling). I was put on anti-inflamatories for about 14 days and that cleared it up. I was under my doctor's care so I would suggest seeing a doctor about it or see a specialist for your condition just to be on the safe side. My doctor said that with sciatica, it can come on very quickly but last for months or even a year or so. It sucks! I know! Stretching is important and especially after sitting for a long time. Since I sit at a desk for 9 hrs a day, I HAVE to get up every hour to stretch to keep my back in check. Good luck.
How long ago did you tear your hamstring? I would recommend stretching it and getting some therapies (like ultrasound and some massage) to help it heal and break up scar tissue.
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