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Proud Parent
Dec 22, 2016
So DD has been getting rips on her wrist. It hasn't been going away and she was really annoyed. So like any good mom I started searching ChalkBucket for wrist rips suggestions. Lots of good advice the foremost of which was just buy some new dang on wrist bands. Even saw several recommendations for the Nike ones. Bingo Bango wrist rip is now healing.

Now DD was not happy that I "made" her use new wrist bands evidently when they are new your grips slide a lot and you have to break them in....but wrist is healing and these bands are way nicer than the cheap ones I bought before so hoping they will go a long time without causing wrist rips.

So fellow parents when in doubt....the search function just may save the day!


Feb 27, 2022
Yup, I try to search old threads before starting a new one if I have questions, and lo and behold, there's usually many answers. We gymnastics folk are in the same boat frequently it turns out. That's why we like chalkbucket!

On the topic of wrist rips if you are still needing suggestions, we've found using 'new skin' paint over them works especially well on wrists/arms if you are still needing suggestions.


Oct 23, 2021
While a little pricey, I find that dry bands work really well! They fold over the grip buckles which prevents the grips from sliding (don’t require any break in time). They also are great wristbands for the wrists. Never had any problems with rips on my wrist while wearing dry bands.
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