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im going to start a game.

it simple:

just judge a leotard by your own personal criteria. once you judge a leotard add a new leotard for judging.

i'll start

Eh. 7/10. I'm not too fond of flame-looking designs.
Love the colors, though!


(I love this leo, personally.)

I also would like to know whatcha think of this one, as well:


(I like this one A LOT, as well.)
9/10 I love the colours, but not the hole in the top.


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2/10 - too boring for me! but ilike the colors :)

these are my gym's colors :D
Don't like the design much at ALL or the fact of having white on a leo, but I do love purple.:rolleyes: 5/10.



This has to be one of my favorite leos!!
7/10. Love the design, but maroon isn't my favorite colour and the white looks kinda like a scarf which I don't like.

It's not a very good picture. I have the purple. It's very vibrant but doesn't hurt your eyes and you can see the peace signs very well.
Here's the front of our gym's leo.

Here's the back. Personally, I love it. And not just because it's my gym's leo!
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0.0 i like this one! the design seems very professional but the colors in contrast to each other work great! 9/10

i like the design on this one but i'm not fond of pink
?/10.. picture wouldn't show up :(

couldn't find a good pic, but here's a video :D this is my favorite leo!!!!
7/10 i like the design but i dont really like yellow!
i'm getting this one for my birthday :)
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