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Jun 6, 2017
Hello! I don't post very often, but was wondering if you wonderful gym parents and coaches can explain what is involved in scoring out of a level? My dd is currently not in a USAG gym, but does compete in gymnastics in a different league. She recently went to a Open Gym at an accredited USAG gym and the head coach approached me and asked if she would be interested in joining their gym. She explained that they would want her starting at either Lvl 6 or 7, but she would have to score out of the other levels. Can someone explain that to me? We live in Colorado and she is 12. I am not sure if this is even something she wants to do, but I figured knowing all the details is a start. I appreciate any help you can give me...
She would have to compete at a USAG sanctioned meet and score at least a 34.0 in level 4 and a 32.0 in level 5. She could do it at one meet if the sessions were set right. She would have to compete level 4 first and then she could score out of level 5.
@Stormergymnastics Many here have done this. I will quickly tell you my daughters story for reference. Everyone who knows it apologies, I know how this parent feels contemplating making this move.

My daughter came to USAG from USAIGC last year. She started at the USAG gym in May, she was 10. She practiced with the level 7 group on a daily basis. The coaches would take her aside and teach her the level 4 and 5 routines for 10 or 15 minutes of each rotation. This went on for 2.5 months. She competed in a single meet as her own rotation. First, she rotated as a level 4, when that rotation was completed her scores were tallied and she rested for .5 hours. She then rotated to compete level 5. It took 3 hours to do both levels.

If she was 14 she could video petition. She is 12 so she has to compete.
Thank you both for your replies. Knowing the scores is very helpful. John, did your dd have any issues with learning the different routines for both levels while still working on her skills. Is it common to have both Lvl 4 and 5's meets on the same day?
At a lot of gymnastics meets, they will have multiple levels compete on the same day. If it is a small meet, they could do the entire meet in 1 day. Large meets can be 3 days long to fit all the gymnasts in.
Some gyms will go to a meet designed as a "mobility meet" where a lot of the girls are there just to score out of a level (or 2).
The Level 4 and Level 5 routines are similar, so it isn't really hard to learn both while still working skills.
Good luck with your decision.
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If she is training for level 7 then the 4/5 skills should be pretty straight forward for her. The vault is the same. The routines she just needs to know well enough to get through them with a minimum level of proficiency as the scores needed are fairly low.

In my head it seems the hardest part would be keeping the dance of the floor and beam routines straight and make sure not to do level 4 in the level 5 routine. But these kids usually handle it well.

A lot of gyms will have a judge come in and pay to sanction the meet in house, maybe even along with an in house meet for all the kids and have the kid scoring out do both sets of routines and get official scores from the judges. She may not even have to go to a real meet to get this done.

Other gyms I have heard will have them compete the first meet at level 4 and then one meet as level 5 and then move onto 6/7. This works especially well in places that the compulsory season is in the fall and the optional season in the spring, but the season is long and they could still easily do this even if all in one season. This would also allow her to learn the level 4 beam/floor dance and then the level 5 dance, easier to keep straight and the choreo builds on the previous level so would be easy to pick up quickly.

The coach would know exactly what the plan would be and they have probably scored kids out of levels before and have their preferred way of doing it all worked out all ready. These are completely legitimate questions to ask before committing, but I wouldn’t worry to much about it. It’s done all the time.

Good luck to your daughter!
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Everyone has covered the details well. Level 4 and 5 routines are similar and one builds off the other. Dani had no trouble learning them both. I think she said the hardest routine for her was level 5 bars. I will also add depending on where you daughter is coming from there may be skills she has never done. Dani had never done back extension rolls nor a tucked fly away dismount, ways been a layout. Be prepared for one or two stressful skills.

The Meet we attended was a straight modility meet. All levels were going simultaneously I have not seen anything like that before or since.
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Thank you both for your replies. Knowing the scores is very helpful. John, did your dd have any issues with learning the different routines for both levels while still working on her skills. Is it common to have both Lvl 4 and 5's meets on the same day?

My dd tested out of the old L5/6 (which is now L4/5) on the same day several years ago. It shouldn't be a problem for a gymnast your dd's age. The routines are pretty similar (though the new routines are a bit more complex than when dd tested out). But if she does have trouble, she could always test out of L4 first and then practice the L5 routines and test out a few weeks later. L6/7 usually don't compete until Dec/Jan so she would have plenty of time in the fall to test out of both 4/5
My daughter did a couple of score out meets at our in-home meet (small meet held in our gym, with only our gymnasts competing). It was a sanctioned meet so the scores counted. Our gym does an in-house meet every year to try and get the current level 5s to score out so they can move to level 6.
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