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Feb 8, 2008
So I have been working on scrapbooking my gymnastics stuff, and I have kept track of most of my scores through out the years. I have three more seasons worth of scores to scrapbook, and I'm running out of ideas!

For level 4 I printed the scores on a little square for each event and glued just the top of each one so there was a mini flip book for each meet.

For level 5 year 1 I printed out little squares for each event again and made little envelopes with the date and name of the meet on the front.

For level 5 year 2 I made a slider that goes behind the page, and when you pull it up two little cut outs show the date of the meet and all my scores from that meet.

I'm pretty sure that didn't make much sense, but I tried. Anyone else found a cool way to scrapbook meet scores?
maybe you could post some pictures of what you did? My dd has a messy pile of gymnastics "memories" shoved under her bookshelves. I always say I will do something with them, but I find the task daunting. Maybe you could inspire me:)
Maybe you could do some kind of dial that has you could turn to each event and meet for that score. I like your you mind a little copycatting? I love to scrapbook and you have some great ideas!
Copy away! They make really cute pages. I'll try to find a picture online of what I'm talking about so you can get a better idea of what they look like.
What about a sliding strip - sort of like the old film strips with the middle part framing scores and pictures from each event.

Also you could do a flip - like a two sided christmas orniment with pictures of you doing the event and the score on the other side. Hang them on the pages.

My friend scrapbooks and has some amazing books - I seem to have two left thumbs.
My daughter who is 9 does her own scrap book, she uses a photo album and puts her ribbons in them underneath her ribbons she put her score on a little piece of paper. She also has any pictures or momentos from the year in it. She has her ticket stubs from the olympic trials in there and an autographs to. It is not the neatest thing but she likes to do it herself. Her book is now filled and since she has moved to 5 I told her we will get a new one.
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