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Feb 2, 2022
To all the coaches out there -- what is your preferred end-of-season gift? Our team mom has collected money and is doing the standard gift cards and treats but we also want to do something special for our amazing coach and assistant coach. Any suggestions of gifts that have been meaningful and appreciated (beyond the gift cards and treats)? Thank you :)
Do something from the heart. Something cute if their little, something heartwarming if their older. Show the appreciation they have for the coaches. The most heartfelt things are the ones they smile over the most :)

If your looking for something you can buy, though, rollers, massage equipment, water bottles...they're gymnastics coaches, so they must need that. But I certainly recommend doing something to show their gratitude. In Level 3, we put together a photobook for them, with notes and photos in it. That was probably the best gift we ever gave. I saw it in that coaches bag, years later, and she said she brings it with her to look at when she's having a bad day.

We've also gotten the coach in the hallway to pretend to say our group needs to go to the 'strength room,' and then take them to the party room and have cake, and brownies, and give them a card. That was another fun one.
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I think I’ve posted this like ten times… a drone!

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I love the hand written notes from the athletes best, but this year our gold team really surprised us with their thoughtful and creative gifts. The girls worked together to come up with ideas that suited their three coaches perfectly.

Our beam coach is always writing out assignments and coming up with beam pro tips, so the girls gave her a white board with a rainbow of dry erase markers.

Our floor coach is always sneaking extra treats off the tables at meets, so the girls gave her a giant bag of her favorite chocolates.

And for me, who is stepping down from team coaching, they went all out. I make a big distinction between deduction vs no deduction when watching practice, so the girls made me a build a bear named Judge who says "deduction" when you press its paw.

It was just really touching to see how they all worked together to give us something that actually represented our time together. Some of their parents also gave gift cards, flowers, etc, but this bear is definitely my favorite!
I love getting framed pictures of the team, or a photobook. I had a beautifully framed picture of one group proudly displayed in my office at my fulltime job for years, until one day I looked at that picture and realized that the youngest kids on that team were now turning 30 and having their own kids. So I would really love to get a nice picture every year to avoid having to face the reality of how old I actually am!
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