Seat Drops

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Sep 3, 2005
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When first teaching preschoolers seat drops, what progressions do you use?

I like to start them on the floor, just learning the position with hands down and up. Then on a pit mat with arms down and up. Then on our little preschool trampolines with arms down and up. I just concentrate on the down position until they are getting a good bounce, then I tell them to stand up.

Once they are doing them, I let the kids that have their arms and hands in the right spot do them normally. I make the kids that put their arms back do them with their arms up, this forces them to sit straight up and down. I went to a preschool session at congress one year and this was recommended, it works great for me.:)
A couple of drills I use..

To keep their legs together, I have them hold "magic dimes" made out of craft foam between their knees. I gently bounce them while they hold the dimes. When they drop the dimes, it's my turn to hold my dime.

Another drill I use..if they bend their knees, making their heels hit the tramp like kick-stands...I have them sit down and practice kicking my hand above their feet (with straight legs) so that they get the idea of lifting their feet rather than digging their heels into the tramp.
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