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It was another one of those days where dd didn't want to go to the meet. The girls all looked pretty flat and low energy at warm-ups. Not alot of interaction or socializing, just bored faces sitting and waiting their turn. The meet was a sectional and there were around 70 gymnasts there so no chance of moving this one along quickly.

It's been a long season and unfortunately some jealousy issues are starting to cross the line into bad sportsmanship and the girls seem a little on edge with each other. I've suspected this for awhile and DD finally came forward to spill the beans as it's starting to take the fun out of going to meets.

Overall, she was solid and finished strong on floor with a season best.

Vault 8.850 8th Pl.
Bars 9.250 1st Pl.
Beam 9.200 5th Pl.
Floor 9.550 1st Pl
AA 36.850 1st Pl.

One more meet to go!!! then off to States.
Jan 31, 2009
Great job.

Hate, hate, hate the jealousy stuff. But it is going to happen, and everyone needs to learn to deal with it and not let it get out of control. Our coaches just gave all the girls a big speech on that subject, but it is so hard in this sport and our ultra-competitive world to keep the jealous monsters away.

Best of luck moving on to states.


Great job, your dd is really pulling in some huge scores. She's going to have a great time a t States.

Sorry about the jealousy issue w/ the girls. This unfortunately does happen w/ the sport. I'll bet after States, when the gym does move-ups, some girls leave, some new ones join, etc. the dynamics will change. Tell her not to worry, it will get better! :)
Feb 26, 2007
Really nice placements, she will have a great State meet. 70 girls in a flight is ridiculous, and there really is no reason for it.

How many meets do they do, it seems as though she has had two meets a month since fall, or is that just me. Does little bro still go with you, I imagine he must be very fed up of meets now, especialy now his winning streak is over.

Jealousy is such an ugly thing and it is really up to the coaches to notice and nip it in the bud, the girls should be able to enjoy their victories and commiserate with team mates losses with no hard feelings anywhere. Mayb time for a word in the coaches ear.

Off topic here TD....My son is off to NYC for his grad trip on Wed, your post reminded me that you are down there, please can you make sure the weather stays nice for him!!! If you pass a group of 30 very stunned and over awed students wandering aimlessly, they are our grads from small town Quebec.


Hi Bog, our flight was the only one that was 'all teams'. The L4's and 5's had multiple sessions. Overall, the meet was run well and the event staff were very nice. Unfortunately, there were 2 to 3 teams per rotation and they all had alot of down time between events.

Overall, dd has 8 meets same as last year, except last year she only competed 4 meets due to an injury. Little bro always goes and as usual he had a great time playing with other siblings. We stopped playing the 50/50, figured we'd give some of the other kids a chance at it:D

He's going to love NYC. There's so much to do here. I'll keep an eye out for him;) The weather's been all over the place. Tell him to pack for 50 to 70 degrees, rain and sun. We get alot of rain this time of year.

msl and gymjoy thanks, I'm having a tough time with the situation. It's hard to talk about without totally dishing so I'll have to just say thanks for your words of encouragement.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Great scores Teamdad! She is having a great season and will do great at States. The jealousy stuff--UGH--I hate it as well. It does take a lot of the fun out of it when you have to deal with that at the gym.

We had some of that drama on dd's team as well this year and it seemed to be settled for the most part. But there still seems to be that one girl on the team that doesn't want to settle for anything less than 1st and pouts when she doesn't get it. It is very annoying for the other girls to deal with. It happens everywhere you go, unfortunately.

I am grateful that Dani has had the opportunity to experience success and failure in her 1st year of gymnastics and takes each meet for what it is. Success and 1st place finishes are nice, but they are fleeting. And although the losses are really hard to take, you learn the most about yourself from them. Gymnastics can be a very humbling sport.


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
Congrats to DD!!! Great AA score!!! And she hit it out of the park with her floor score!!! Lets just say states should go very well for her;). About the jealousy stuff, as long as your DD handles her wins with grace(as I'm sure she does), that's all she needs to be concerned with. It's up to the other girls to learn to be proud & supportive of their talented team mate. There will always be sore losers...don't let the turkeys keep you down. Good luck at states!!!

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
Great job dd - awesome floor and bars score! It's very hard to score that high on both events and she did great (psst - she'll probably do great at States too, just between you and me! ;))

As for jealousy, yeah real bummer and I can see it suck the fun right out of everything, meets and practices. I am assuming that the jealousy is directed toward your dd - just going off of scores and stuff ;). Hopefully, like a PP said, once the season is over and uptraining kicks in and move ups occur things will shake out and dd will be in a better place.


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Sep 4, 2008
Dallas, TX
Congrats on the AA!!!! That's awesome! Unfortunetly there will always be jealous kids. After state things will get back to normal. Good luck at state!!!!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
She is going to do great at State! What an awesome season she has had. Congrats to her!


I am soooo not a computer geek...but I keep trying anyway:D Finally worked through some tech issues and got the video up. Is it just me, or do others find that they don't understand a single word techies say?? I find myself nodding my head in agreement even though I have noooo clue what they are talking about just so I can get to the part where I ask...'so, can you fix it??'

Gym Plus 4-19-09 on Vimeo

I'm still kind of laughing about this meet. Dd was sleep walking through the first three events, then her bf after getting a 9.250 on beam turns to dd and says 'I beat you'. She should know by now never to poke a sleeping tiger with a stick:eek: DD finished on floor with what I thought was her best routine of the season.

While I don't really like that kind of stuff, the girls don't seem to mind and no-one's complaining about it so....we just let it go. It's the comments like 'you're going to froggy leap the vault' (and then she did) or 'you are really bad at bars and your cast is really bad'. Dd just happens to be state bars champ, but she's struggling right now with her cast and she doesn't need those kind of negative thoughts especially when it's said in a mean way to try and get her to mess up. I think her friend needs to wise up. DD has been supporting her, cheering her on and helping to pick her up when she has her emotional meltdowns for several years now and I think that DD is getting very tired of bf trying to drag her down.
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