Sectionals on Saturday!!

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DD's level 4 sectionals are this Saturday. This is her 2nd year at level 4. Last year she did very well at Sectionals, scoring a 36.2 (with a fall on beam:eek:). She was only 3 tenths of a point from going to State (the 35 top scoring gymnasts go to State).

Anyways, I think she would really like to make it to State this year, and is very capable of it, but she seems to have lost interest in the same old level 4 routines. She is not feeling challenged, and therefore is not pushing herself to do her best. It would be great if you could send some "get it in gear & show them what you got" fairies to help her get to State:D!

Good luck to your dd! I am sure she is more than ready to get out of Level 4! I'll bet she has great success at this meet, what w/ all the good wishes & fairies coming your way! :cool:
Thanks guys!
It worked wonders last time:D! We have to travel about 3-1/2 hours for this meet, and it starts at 7:45am:(. Needless to say we will be going up Friday night. Regardless of how my dd does, it is a very fun meet for the girls, at a really well set up gym. One funny thing is the vault is actually an elevated runway enclosed with a thin chain link fencing. The girls think it is so cool:cool:. My dd did the "oh yeah" happy dance on that runway last year after she found out she got a 9.3 on vault! She had the whole place laughing!

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