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Oct 19, 2021
Does anyone know of any gymnastic or tumbling related intensive courses or camps that are at least a week long, ideally a month or so (anywhere in the world)?

I am trying to learn these skills as an adult and want to spend more time really giving it a go, but there are not many adult classes where I live. I fancy taking some time off between jobs and going on a fun gymnastics camp if such a thing exists! I see the really gifted younger gymnasts training hard for national competitions and I would like to spend lots of time training as well but can't join their group as I'm not at their level.

Anyone heard of anything? I did an 8 week course in UK with Polichinelo circus that was linked to a tumbling and DMT club. It was amazing but they are no longer running that course.
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I believe Woodward gymnastics camp in the US has an adult week.

It would be unusual for places to offer intensive gymnastics courses for adults. Lots of clubs offer adult gymnastics, but the level of commitment from adults in gymnastics is rarely high. To offer such courses they would need enough interest to make it financially worthwhile.

Adults have so many commitments it’s hard to arrange things like this.
Yes, there is an adult gymnastics camp in New Hampshire twice a year (winter and summer) and I think Woodward’s last camp week of the summer was when adults were welcome, although I last heard of that pre-COVID, so it’s been a while.
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