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Does anyone know if any portion of the women's Olympic gymnastics selection camp will be posted on TV/You Tube/NBC/Whatever?

How will that work, will they have an actual meet/competition, or will they just watch them work out & make choices that way?

If it's all going to be 'top secret', I'll be bummed!


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Feb 26, 2007
They will have an actual meet, you will not see any of it on tv or even youtube. Top secret for sure. ;)


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Jul 16, 2007
They are having a real meet (supposedly over 2 days), there will be about 60 people in attendance as spectators plus whatever Karolyi campers are also there and invited in, not sure if the spectators will be allowed to video, the announcement is private this year, NBC will be there the entire time but presumably not allowed to video the meet.


Thanks! I guess all the rest of us have to sit on pins & needles in the meantime...bummer! :mad:
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