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Jan 31, 2008
Region 5
Does your gym have a separate area for just the little preschoolers? Our gym is in the development stage and we are looking for ideas. If your gym has one, or if you know of a gym that has a really cool preschool gym Id love a link or gym name so we can check out some pictures. Some of the ones Ive seen are totally cute!
We have a separate little gym. I prefer it so the little ones are not distracted and can stay more focused on what they are doing.
We have a separate preschool gym too. It keeps both the littles and the optionals safe. No worries about a 4YO running into a tumbling path and getting hurt when a teenager lands on them. I don't think there are any pictures of ours on our website though.

But basically we have little bars, all shapes of mats and some mini tramps. Low beams with stuffed animals every foot or so and lots of colorful, vinyl squares, circles, and stars.
Our gym has a separate preschool gym upstairs. The little ones only go downstairs to use the trampoline and sometimes the pit. The mini gym has mats, lots of different shape blocks, a low beam, small bar, things like hula hoops...
I'd suggest a separate space designed like a fitness course packed with the kind of challenges many preschoolers keep getting scolded for doing at home. I betcha they'd love a "jumping allowed on the bed" activity, a climb the furniture zone, and a rope climb up a steep inclined ramp with plenty of padding at the bottom and speed bumps to catch kids who slip.

Really, how much time can you spend on forward rolls and baby cartwheels before somebody gets bored or just goes crazy. Include the standard preschool gymnastics equipment to make a smooth transition from the initial process of building strength and relationships.
The gym we are at now is huge. We have the little ones' gym which is upstairs, the red gym which is for advanced little ones and the tumbling classes use sometimes, the white gym which divisions 1-3 and preteam use, the big gym which is for the teams, the cheer gym obviously for the cheer. We also have a dance studio upstairs and a fitness training.
DD went to a gym that had a separate preschool gym and it was great! The mini sized bars were adorable. The best part was the in ground tramp with a spotting belt. They would each get a turn to get strapped in to "fly" over the parents sitting around (for mommy and me classes) or do flips when the got a bit older.
Our gym has a separate room for the preschoolers and it does really well. They set it up like a mini gym with a beam, mini trampolines, kip bar, ball pit, hoops, and then bring in a lot of props as weekly themes. And they also come into the big gym for a turn at jumping into the foam pit and bouncing down the tumble trak.
I think it's a great idea. When DS started at 3.5 the gym he was at had a preschool area. They even improved it last year. Kids love it. Our gym now does not, but it is on the smaller side and there is not really room for it. There is a section for the littles and appropriate equipment, it's just not a huge area. They use the same tumble track, pit and rope.
We have a separate preschool gym too. It sounds a lot like what others have said above. We have several sets of preschool bars, a small spring floor, mini beams and lots of colorful mats and other training aids. It also has it's own set of cubbies and a separate viewing area for parents above. However, the best part of the preschool gym is the giant mural that takes up one entire wall. It is a relatively new addition and has taken several months. It's an African scene with plenty of animals like lions, elephants and birds. There is even a stream running through the mural that ends in a waterfall and cave in the corner. It's really fun and just makes that room stand out. The owners were able to trade gymnastics classes for the design and painting, so it worked out well for them.
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We did a summer session at a gym that had a room in back that the preschoolers warmed up in and then an upstairs loft like area with equipment for them. The gym we are at now has seperate equipment fir team and rec. At both gyms the only crossover area is tramp.
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