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gymer monkey10

I am a level 7 and I have trouble looking for the beam on my series.:( I don't know how to or when to.:eek: I used to be able to sense it but then I had a big fall.:eek: Now I am scared to do it on a medum beam w/ spot.:( And my coach is spoting as much as he can!:(Do you think you can help me!!!!!!!!!!:confused:
Sep 9, 2007
Try doing skills you're comfortable with for ages so you get used to the beam again. Work the series on a line on the floor, then a tiny beam, then a medium, then a big beam. Just relax and remember if you couldn't do something, your coach wouldn't ask you to do it.


Like I-Heart-Beam said, do tons on the floor or on the low beam and focus on looking for the beam while your doing the series. Falling and crashing is part of being a gymnast, especially when it comes to beam, and to get back into it you've just got to do tons of them where you feel comfortable and slowly stretch your comfort zone. Like I-Heart-Beam said, your coach wouldn't make you do it if they didn't think you were safe.
Oct 15, 2007
i agree....i'm also a L7 and i think you just need to have more confidence in yourself as a gymnast and have a little more faith in your coaches and trust that they wouldn't expect you to doin anything you're not capable of. what's your series?


Do you see your feet come down onto the beam when you step down out of a handstand? If not--that's the key problem right there, and it's an easy fix--just takes time and numbers. Try doing tons of handstands on the floor and low beam and watch your feet come back down to the beam. Then, once you're confident doing that try looking for them on your backhandsrping. Remember, your bhs is a handstand step down, except you go into it backwards and with a jump. Some people are able to register in their brain that they're seeing their feet rather easily, and some people have to think about it a little harder. Try not to worry about it too much--just keep practicing and building your confidence--it'll come.
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