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My grandaughter just came home from the ortho dr and was told that she has sesamoidtis and has been instructed to not run (no vault, no floor that involves running first) and no warm up with running for 2 weeks and then he will see her again. Seems like there must be apparatus shoes with that extra padding for floor or vault that can be worn that would give the support needed for the competition season. Anyone hear of such a thing? :rolleyes:


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Feb 26, 2007
Foot Injury

Thank you for the information reagarding that health site. I see where they can make something to relieve the pain and I will see about getting that. If you go to that site and go into the additional information, you can find sesamoidtis and what can cause it. I think hers might be caused by two problems, pronation of her foot and may a high arch. We got some shoes today and the person who fitted them is going to do something to them to help her as well. She's only 12 and laready has broken both bones in her arm two years ago and her foot at state last year and now this. Maybe gymnastics isn't what she should be doing or maybe she is pushing to do things she shouldn't but she loves living on the edge and pushing herself beyond what she should.:mad:


I think that I may have had this injury to my foot. I was diagnosed with it as MTP Syndrome and it was explained that the ligaments and tendons around my big toe and the ball of my foot would inflame causing the swelling of the ball of my foot. What I did to take care of it and support it during work out was tape it. It's hard to explain how i taped it without being able to show you, but the tape worked and it relieved some of the pain. On top of that I would rest and ice it when needed.
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