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I need some advice. Over the summer and a little into the fall I had a hugeeee mind block with backhandsprings, thankfully I got over it. Lately I've been doing backhandsprings with a spot on a low beam, and yesterday I got up there, and I just blanked. It wasn't like i was shaking with fear, I just like forgot what to do when I got up there, and was afraid I wouldn't remember. I spaced, by the end I finally did a few, but I don't know what happened. When I was waiting to go and practicing, I tried to do some mental practice, but it didn't seem to help since I wasn't that scared. Help!!!!
Have you tried just doing them on a line on the floor again. Maybe if you just go back over the progressions to moving up to the low beam it will help.
When you do them on the line imagine you are on the beam and remember the hand placement you use on the beam. Also stacking mats up beside the low beam might help (so the beam is even, or close to even, to the mats).

You know you can do it right? Don't doubt yourself, and be confident.
Good luck, I'm sure you will get it again!
Thanks! Yeah I kept doing them on the lines, and it was weird because my coach was fully spotting me and normally that would make me beyond comfortable because he had both hands tightly gripped. He finally just lifted me up and flipped me, and that got me back on track. hopefully that does not happen again
Just have fun! When I had my little mental block with my backwalkover backhandspring on the huge beam, it was hard to go for it but i just had to tell myself it was the floor..that seemed to work. You have to trust yourself and know that your mind and body won't let anything happen.
Not open for further replies.