WAG Severs/cracked growth plate?

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Jun 12, 2013
We went in the other day for a totally unrelated foot issue (dd had a wart removed on her toe and this was the final checkup for that) DD has mentioned a time or two slight heel pain. Mentioned it again the morning of this appt.. So it being an ankle and foot doctor, we mentioned it to the nurse. They did X-rays just to see what was going on. Turns out her growth plate has a crack in it. He wanted to cast her and take her off of it immediately. But, he knows our situation and that we leave for camp on the 22nd. She is in a boot for now. I have all inclinations she will be in a cast as soon as we get back from camp. He said possibly 2 months. Has anyone ever had it get to this point? She is so worried about having to do even more modified workouts than she already is. But all parties involved know its what NEEDS to be done if she hopes to have a long-lasting gymnastics career. Any advice is welcomed! :(

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There is a girl on my dds soccer team, that has cracks in the growth plate on both feet. At the end of soccer season, her doctor casted both feet. She is able to walk on both casts, and actually runs around in them. I would imagine your dd will be able to continue with core conditioning and even bars when she is casted. My dd teammate mother says, the casts were the quickest and most efficient way to correct the problem, according to her doctor. There were other means to treat, but if they didn't work, she would still end up in casts.
That really stinks. My son and my younger daughter both ended up in a boot this year and they still went to practice and did conditioning. One of the boys on DS's them was in a boot for more than 2 months. When it came off he could do more pull ups than anyone else on the team. :)
She is doing about 90% of her conditioning and as much practicing as she can with the boot. Dr, coach, DD and I are all working together. I just worry about her having a hard time emotionally. This is her first injury, so it all new turf for us. She has always been 100% full force.

We are leveling out the weight with ankle weights on the opposite ankle so both legs get the same workout. So it will surely help her in that area. Coach said its definitely helping in cast handstands.

I guess the scariest part is the unknown. Because I have seen gymnasts get through so much worse.

Proud Level 8 momma!
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