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Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
Wow that is great, DD is 8 and tonight at practice was in tears over BWO on the low beam with the fatty on. It will be a long off season.



Wow, that is awesome! Congratulations to Jess!

My dd is the exact same age and although she has her bwo on high beam and even her fwo, they are not training bhs yet. I think she is ready but I am not the coach.

Congrats again!



Jan 27, 2009
myrtle beach
That is huge for her. She will be walking around on cloud nine for some time to come. I think it is great when the younger kids train those scary skills early. I think the fear factor is not as big a deal for some younger kids. I have noticed that as they get older, those scary skills seem even more so to the older kids. We have kids in level 7 who have fears about the BHS on beam. Great, great, great job.


That is great!:D Not only did she do the BHS, she had beautiful form on it. Way to go!:D


Proud Parent
Mar 6, 2009
Thanks! I'm really so proud of her, she works so hard :D A big part of it is she loves her coach and trusts her completly.

She can't wait to get back in the gym tonight. She was off last night and spent the time out of the gym practicing her full turn and jumps on her beam in the livingroom. She's really excited about the idea of competing on Beam and floor in silver (next level up - it's a USAIGC thing)


I just have to say hi and I am so excited you joined CB! I've always enjoyed watching Jessica's progress and LOVE all your montages. A few them still crack me up when I watch them. Oh and Liv absolutely loves them too! I love the relationship she has with her coach etc.

Well anyway her BHS on beam was AWESOME! Has she declared it her second best gym day ever yet??-lol I know her FHC and Kip were a big deal but BHS on high beam is way up there too! I think I read somewhere you were thinking about switching from USAIG to USAG? Is that true? I think she will become a great gymnast regardless!! Well good luck and welcome!!;)


Proud Parent
Mar 6, 2009
Thanks! I just love it when I get that frist moment on tape. The kip and the FHC were team requirments and she wanted to be on team more then anything. I'll have to ask her if her "best day ever" has changed LOL.

Jess and I love watching your videos too. We are still in awe of Liv's press handstands!

Her gym is changed a little this year and is going to change a lot next year. thinking of changing gyms . . if we do that we could switch to USAG. Her current gym only does USAIGC. sigh, there's just so many things to take into consideration! Especially with her BHS on beam, she's excited about competing with the silver team.
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