Shantessa Pama College Route

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NOOOOOOO. i think im going to post this on my blog. thanks for sharing.
Dec 1, 2007
NOOOOOO SHANTESSA! DON'T DO IT! I BEG YOU!!! thats increibley sad... my life has ended. but on the upside: she will probably win every lvl 10 meet ever! go her!
Apr 9, 2007
i'll have 6 girls competing against her at regionals in the same age division. Should be interesting.
Jul 12, 2007
I don't know for sure that she actually competed at all this season... unless she can petition to regionals somehow I am thinking she won't be there.

You will have to ket us know, that would be interesting... regionals are Apr 20th for your region?

gymnasticsbabie - I really enjoy your blog. It is not only informative, but funny. Are you considering a journalism path? I love it!!!!! ... except I am a JW fan LOL, I think she is great (but do agree on the baby fx routines). She just needs another couple of years for the maturity to really set in :)
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I believe she finished 12th at regionals yesterday and did not qualify to Nationals.
Not open for further replies.