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hi everyone. i just found this website the other day and i like it.

a little about me, basically i just turned 24 in july and i like staying pretty active although i procrastinate a decent amount..

umm, my name is shaolinfist because i practice chinese martial arts(southern shaolin gung fu) i been training since i was 18 and its my passion. ive trained here and in hong kong.

ive always been a talented person with everything i do pretty much comes very easily, which i kinda wish wasnt the case i usually get bored very easily because of this.

my goals with training are to basically understand my body, elevating the power of my will and control over my mind. im constantly trying to find different people of all sizes and experience levels to spar or fight with to elevate my skills. im also constantly trying to push myself and realise higher levels of training and i like investigating different methods of training people.

recently i started to feel like well im young so maybe i should work on strength, and also my students in the future will want to know such methods and also its just more knowledge and it will only better me so ive been looking into all kinds of things. like i said in the thread i started, im not really that me atleast, i mean i guess im strong in the sense that alot of girls like my body lolo and i look strong but to me im not that strong, im not gymnastic strong!! lolo

but bodyweight exercises and gymnastic conditioning ingeneral caught my attention the most, its more in line with the way i am, i like being able to do these things bascially anywhere i go i dont need a gym or anything to assist me, alot of the methods are tested by athletes of a very high calibre and intelligent individuals, coaches, scientists whatever.

anyway thats where im at right now in a also struggling to find out what id like to do for money, i dont neccesarily like the idea of teaching the arts for money but that might have to be something i consider if i wish to pursue teaching. but basically i dont know what i want ot do for money and such, im not a greedy person i dont care about material things i just care about being happy and enjoying life

im ranting ill stop
Not open for further replies.