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Invisible Duck

Oct 22, 2007
Well I just thought I would share with you some of my new skills.... lol, it will be nice to tell people who actually know what I am talking about! When I tell my mum she just looks at me and says "is that good?" or "what's that again" lol...

so anyway

bars: I did flyaway 1/2 twist for the first time tonight!! I have not even done flyaways for about 6 years because I was so scared of them. I finally decided this year that enough was enough and I was going to do them.... and I did! tonight my coach said I was ready to twist them.... and I did!! :D

beam: backsaults!! I did them tonight for the first time on low beam with no extra mats on the sides (and just one draped over the beam so I wouldn't hurt my feet).... My coach said I can do them on the high beam next training session!! :D

floor: layout 1/2.... lol not that exciting but I am rather "twisting impaired" so it is a bit of an achievement for me! I did them last year but they were a bit yuck and I have been putting off doing the this year 'cos they scare me a bit, so I am glad I finally did them and that they look pretty ok :D

lol, thanks for reading :) :p
congrats! i know what you mean with the whole non-gymnasts not getting it thing. my parents and people at school never know what i'm talking about :D it's very frustrating to learn something big and being super excited about it
but having nobody outside of the gym understand how major it is. but anyway, good job! :]
Thats awesome! Congrats!
Haha there is a few other gymnasts at my school from different and the same gyms so we like understand each other but like most people have no idea but some of my school friends actually came to some of my gym meets so they have seen what I do they just don't no what it is or if its good and stuff lol
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