Shawn Johnson has retired!

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I just saw that on the USAG site. She says her knee is not at 100% and its time to move on. I think many were already guessing this would happen since she was seen out in LA shopping the week of US Classics.
Good luck to her.
Just read that on her Twitter too :( would have loved to see her compete or at least try out again, but you can only do what your body lets you. I wish her all the best in the future :)
It's really too bad, but good for her for giving it a shot again, and doing as well as she did in her comeback. I'm sure she will continue to be involved in the sport somehow!
Aw! I am sad that she is done, but she is a very smart person to recognize her limits and when to stop. She has been my role model, inspiration, and hero, and will continue to be. I wish her the best of luck on whatever road she takes.
Two of my favourite gymnasts- Peng and Shawn - are now both out of the Olympics!

Glad she made the right choice with the bum knee and such, but I have to say I'm pretty upset.
Does anyone know if she plans to be at the Visa Championships to watch? I was hoping to see her compete, but would love it if she were there doing autographs or something!!
Shawn Johnson Announces Retirement.

(Disclaimer: Not sure if this is where this belongs, I figured since it was announced before Visa's and Olympic Trials it could be considered a step on the way to the Olympics, if not feel free to move it to a better location!)

So Shawn Johnson has made her retirement from gymnastics official. Below is the article I read from USA Gymnastics.

:: USA Gymnastics :: Shawn Johnson ::

Were you surprised to hear she is officially done? Were you expecting her to retire soon or are you glad she finally called it quits? Were you hoping to see her in London?
I was definitely not expecting to see her in London. I figured it was unlikely that she would get past nationals, and there was no way she was getting past trials (too many new, amazing girls). However, I was really expecting to see her at nationals, and looking forward to seeing her compete one last time. It surprised me that she pulled out right before. I know there have been rumors flying around about her not competing at nationals, but I was in denial and refused to believe them. :D She was my absolute favorite gymnast, and I was stoked when she announced she was going to try again for 2012. She has been such an inspiration for me, and she was one of the reasons I fell in love with gymnastics. She is my hero and role model, and no matter what happens next, I will still look up to her. Hopefully we will see her on the tour after the Olympics! I wish her the best of luck on whatever path she chooses.
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