shawn johnson olympics commercial

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May 13, 2008
Does anyone know where to find that little Beijing 08 promotion Shawn Johnson did for gymnastics? They aired it during the trials and she's talking about how you can't be afraid to fall and it ends like "why do i want to go to the olympics? because im not afraid to fall. shawn johnson. gymnastics"

Im usually really good at finding things online but i cannot find this clip ANYWHERE!!!

If you know where it is, please post a link! thanks!!!!


Jul 5, 2007
Was anyone else bothered by that Mastercard commercial (or whatever) that showed the vault in kind of a goldish cast, and then started talking about Kerri Strug, but the vault they're showing doesn't have a zone or hand mat. So it's all wrong and then they cut to a real clip of her vaulting a RO entry obviously with a zone and hand mat. I think I was just annoyed at the coverage in general but this gave me another thing to be annoyed about. They showed that commercial like 70 times and every time they did the grand expositional opening with the artsy vault setup I was all "you're set up for FRONT vaulting, losers. Bring back Impossible is Nothing."

/end rant.
Not open for further replies.