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ok... so at Nationals Shawn and Nastia were very close for aa, and they have been in other compitions. Soooo i was jw that if they both hit all their routines who will have more difficulty to overpower one another for the title? ( and i cant forget some of the other gymnasts aswell!) :confused:


I think if Shawn could get her difficulty value on bars higher she would be unbeatable - of course the same could be said about Nastia on vault. The way it is it should be interesting to see what happens.
Dec 8, 2007
It really depends on who hits everything and who doesn't but its going to be really close and it will be fun to watch. I'll be happy either way because they are two of my favorite gymnasts. Shayla should come in third after Shawn then Nastia or Nastia then Shawn.
Jun 10, 2008
i think if you add up both of their difficulty scores, shawn has nastia beat by two they are pretty evenly matched
Aug 8, 2007
West Coast
Yeah, i remember adding it a while ago, and even with nastia's ridiculously high bars a-score, shawn still beats her. :)

Its always fun to watch though.
Sep 9, 2007
They're both so good- it'll be devasting for whoever doesn't win.

I'm sure I read somewhere that if you add up all Nastia's best routines she wins by like a tenth- but I think it'll be Shawn who will win the Olympics.


I think Nastia has it in her to beat Shawn in Beijing because she has the body line that the international judges love. Unfortunately (although a US AA winner would be great) I am seeing a possible chinese victory, Yang Yilin perhaps? I could be wrong though, of course.
Jul 6, 2008
I think that between Shawn and Nastia, Shawn would win because she's very consistent. I'd love to see someone from USA to win but I also think that the AA champion would be Chinese.


I bet there is a chance that someone could beat them(Nistor or Barbosa). Trust me the scores you saw at Nationals and Olympic Trials you will definatly not see in Beijing. Both Nastia and Shawn were incredibly over scored at Nationals and OT which is only going to hurt them. They need to know there mistakes and if they go into Beijing thinking they are going to get those high of scores with those routines they are doomed.


I think someone can beat both of them but I doubt Nistor or Barbosa. Especially not Barbosa, she hasn't looked well lately, definitely not in medal form. And Nistor has such awful form (although she is somehow rewarded for it) I think Shawn and Nastia will beat both of those girls, I think a chinese AA girl has a shot though, Yilin is looking fantastic.
I hope Shawn wins first and Nastia second :] Shawn has a higher difficulty level and lately Nastia has been making mistakes. I think if Nastia cleans up a bit more, its going to be soo close.


I believe that the A-scores totaled would only be a one-tenth or two-tenth difference between Nastia and Shawn. Sorry, I don't know the exact number. But* I believe that Shawn is ahead of Nastia by .1 (A-scores totaled).
Jun 10, 2008
i was bored one day and decided to add up their start values. i looked at the results from the usa gymnastics website for both nationals and trials for both days of each and this is what i found for the start values

vault: 6.5
bars: 6.4 (day 1 trials) and 6.2 (nationals and day 2 trials)
beam: 6.9
floor: 6.6

vault: 5.5
bars: 7.7
beam: 6.7 (day 2 nationals) and 6.6 (trials and day 1 nationals)
floor: 6.1 (day 1 both competitions) and 6.2 (day 2 both competitions)

if you add up all the start values of each event, shawn's lowest is 26.2 and nastia's highest is 26.1. so shawn has nastia beat by at least one tenth

i guess we will just have to wait and see!! competion is close and should be fun to watch!!


I just don't really think Nastia could beat her. Although I love Nastia's bars and beam, as well as her dance on floor, I just don't see it happening. Unless she manages to nail that dismount on bars, she won't see scores nearly as high as those she has received from US judges. Internationally, she won't get the huge scores she needs to overtake Shawn on vault and floor. Shawn has done almost nothing but hit-consistency in the dictionary shows a picture of her. On the other note however, I fear terribly that she will have a major mistake. She is still young on the senior circuit, although she has proven herself internationally. Yang Yilin will certainly be giving her a run for her money, and who knows who might sneak up there. So many in the US assume she will win, but there is so much pressure on her that she might just crack-though I severely hope she doesn't. When Paul Hamm came in to the '04 Olympics as the reigning world champion, there was the same type of pressure...and he had that horrendous fall on vault. He was able to make it up with a stellar highbar routine, but the women in Beijing are just going to be too close for that type of thing to happen. We'll just have to wait and see.
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