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Mar 6, 2009
So, last night we're all snug in our beds when I hear my little one talking in her sleep . . .

"Do I have to do it again?"

A little while later she walks in to my bed, snuggles in and is sound asleep . . .

Suddenly she pops up on her knees and starts doing the arm movements for the beginning of her floor routine.

Our laughing snapped her out of it - she looked around - laid back down and didn't move a muscle the rest of the night.

I guess we worked on floor last night LOL!

I just HAD to share

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That is too funny!!! Sometimes when Dani would sleep with me I would wake up getting smacked in the face because she was dreaming about doing back handsprings...I guess she was actually swinging her arms back in her sleep, hence me waking up with an arm on my face!!!! LOL!!!!!
LOL! That is too funny! I guess she has been practicing a lot of of routines lately. When does her competition season begin? I am looking forward to seeing more vids of Jess. She is super talented.

MdGymMom - LOL! thats so funny! Glad Jess is not alone in her sleep gymnastics

Meglet - Thanks! I think the first meet is in-house in October. Then they start again in December
Oh too funny! Reminds me of my oldest DD--she would start doing crunches in her sleep. A little too much conditioning at gymnastics maybe LOL?
Very cool! Our first meet is in December and I'm pretty sure Lily will be doing L6. She still needs to get her bar angles better but everything else looks pretty good (of course vault could use some more power, but that's an eternal problem).

That is so stinking cute! Pixie has told me about gymnastics dreams but it's usually something wild like she did 20 stride circles in a row, lol!

I imagine I'd laugh myself silly if she started acting out her routines while asleep!
Sleep gymnastics

They sure do get caught up in gymnastics, don't they?

The floor-exercise arm movements have become pretty routine during sleep hours here. (So, too, with confident and forceful mid-night statements such as "I can do it!") A few years ago, though, I caught my daughter at 2 a.m. at the top of the stairs in the middle of what seemed to be a level 6 dance-through. I gently guided her back to bed without waking her, and she didn't remember a thing the next morning.
That is soooo funny. Mine talks about gymnastics sometimes in her sleep, but hasn't done any gymnastics yet. LOL.
These sleep-gyming stories are hilarious! Thanks for sharing them.
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