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Hi all,

I haven't posted in a while. I have enjoyed reading everyones posts over the last couple of days. I guess by my title you can figure out that my dd decided to quit. I was a little disappointed but I didn't let her know that. Her decision to quit came after another injury! As i've said before she hurt her right knee in October and it kept her out until January. She than broke her little toe on her left foot about 2 weeks after being released from the dr. That injury kept her out for 3 weeks. Than at the end of April she said that her right knee was hurting her again. Took her back to the dr. and guess what? She had the same injury that kept her out for 4 months, just in a different part of her knee. The dr. said that it would probably be best for her to take a long break from gymnastics. She said to stay out of the gym completely! Before she was allowed to go in and condition and swing bars but this time she said not to even let her go in. DD was upset. So I convinced dr. that surely it would be ok to just go in and condition and just not do anything involving the knee. Dr. agreed to this. BTW, Dr. used to be a PE teacher and said that she knows how competitive girls can be and kinda understood dd's position. Well dd did this for about 2 weeks and told me that gym wasn't fun anymore. I told her that I understood because basically since October she hadn't been able to do gymnastics in the true sense of the word. She decided she wanted to try something else. She couldn't do anything until the dr. released her. Well she recently got released by dr. but dr. said that if she was her dd that she wouldn't allow her to go back to gymnastics until the fall to give the knee more time to truely heal. DD said that right now she didn't want to go back. She really does want to try something else. So we looked into swimming/diving! I showed her TDivers videos and she said that really looked like something she would like because she can still do "gymnastics"(tumbling skills) and swim at the same time. The prob with that is there is nowhere around here (except in Nashville) that offers this. I am not driving to Nashville. So we are trying to figure out something for her to do. She wants to stay active and since we homeschool, I really want her involved in stuff outside of the house and church. Does anyone have any suggestions? Sorry such a long post for a simple questions but thought I would catch up a little. I miss the gymnastics part of the gym, but I don't miss the financial part or the parent drama part of it. Thanks for listening!



I hope she finds something else she loves to do that isn't so damaging to her body. I can't say I blame her for wanting to give it up - if something made me hurt all the time there is no way I would keep doing it. Keep us posted on how she is doing - and I hope her knee continues to heal well.

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Just wondered if there any synchronised swimming groups near you?

At least this is still an Olympic sport, consists of 'making shapes' and also there is the 'repetitive training until perfection' element which seems to appeal to the type of brain that gymnast have. It also does not have the pounding which is what damages their bodies.


Thanks for the responses! The only swimming club near us is in Nashville. We live 45 min. from there and right now, with gas prices, that is too far to drive. She really likes to tumble, so I thought she would like cheer or dance. When I suggested cheer, she was like no way. Her gymnastics coach always told her that cheerleaders were just girls who couldn't make it as gymnasts. She still thinks of herself as a gymnast! It is really hard to find a year round sport or a fall sport. I never realized this before because she was so involved in gymnastics. Oh well, we will find something!!!!!


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Mar 9, 2008
Hi there. I just posted a really looong post regarding quitting under another I'll try not to bore you. Just wanted to say...your DD has so many options b/c of everything she's done/learned in the gym:cheerful: Sometimes you never know what new opportunities are around the corner. Maybe a group gymnastics team or tramp/tumbling team would be easier on your DD's body, but still keep her in the gym??? My DD also, would never even consider cheering, although I think she'd be great at it(small, loud & great at tumbling! LOL!). As I stated in the other gymnast left to become a competitive rock wall climber!!! The 1st time she did it was when the gym went on a field trip during team camp!!! DD's options are open...she just needs to open her eyes to them. I'm sure any type of coach would be happy to train a gymnast in a new sport! Best of luck to you & her! Can't wait to hear of her new adventures:D.

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Dec 23, 2006
Very sorry to hear that her body just can't handle the sport she loves so much. It is very tough and I'm sure you'll look at more than a few things to do before she settles on something. Since her problem is her knee I would check with her doctor before getting into any other pounding activities like T and T, cheer or some types of dance(hip hop is very hard on the knees).

Are there any high schools nearby that have swim teams? Sometimes you can hook up with a coach who can work with a new diver to see if she enjoys it. Maybe just watching the Olympics will give her some ideas on a sport you hadn't even thought of. Certainly check out after school clubs, scouts, church groups etc. I know its hard, but look at this as an exciting time to try new and different things. Best wishes and (((HUGS))) to you and dd.

Stop back often and keep us updated.
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