For Parents She did it! ( overcoming a mental bloc on beam)

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Proud Parent
Oct 3, 2018
L8 DD had a mental block on beam since L5 ( after a seing a upper level gymnast falling on beam and having a concussion). 4 years of meets with at least 1 fall on beam ( up to 3) and my DD looking completely terrified on that beam ( painfull to watch). Scores ranging in the 6-7 range ( yes, at EVERY MEET). Hard for her confidence and her progression. Almost didn’t make it to regionals last year ( where she won gold on vault and finished last…. on beam). Hard for me, not to get involve ( ok, I overstep a few times as parent). Yesterday she succeded her L8 routine ( tone down: BWO-BHS) without falling. So proud of her and grateful for the bunch of coaches over the years that didn’t loose their patience and use all their knolwedge to help her progress. A very very slow progression.
This is so awesome! My daughter had a lot of mental blocks and she also had her share of scores in the 5-7 range. I love hearing stories like this!
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Congrats mine too had a beam block for years, add in a pandemic and a couple of injuries……. She finally has her BHS BHS and her scores are in the 9-9.4 it’s awesome
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