For Parents She finally got her back handspring! :)

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I have to share the news with all of you! My 6 year old has been doing gymnastics since last June and when she started out she was put right on the level 3 pre-team where she LOVED her coach and he taught her SOOOO much in such a short time. He ended up leaving the gym and of course my daughter didn't want to stay at that gym because he had left. We took her to a different gym and they just didn't work on anything with her and she was on rec for about 8 months which she didn't like because she wasn't learning anything new. Well we stayed in touch with her coach and he ended up starting at a new facility a little bit further away and 4 weeks ago she started again with him there as a level 3/4 and within 3 weeks of being with him she got her standing back handspring and the next day during her tramp and tumble class she got her round off back handspring and this last week she did a round off with 4 back handsprings and he spotted her in a back tuck. She has been soooooo happy to be back training with him. This new facility has asked us to put her on to their team but she doesn't want to go because he isn't training the team girls just yet. He plans to within a year but my daughter won't go unless he is there training her. She is training with him 4 hours a week and she is just really shining. I had to hold myself back when she finally got it. I wanted to run out onto the floor and hug her but I was a good mom and just jumped up and down and clapped my hands for her. I just wanted to share our excitement with all of you. When I get good at taking pictures inside the gym I will put some up for all to see. Thanks for letting me share our news.:)
Mar 5, 2008
North America
WOW! Good for her! Sounds like she is progressing rapidly. But, I would hardly say that she FINALLY got her back handspring--6 years old is very young for mastering a skill like that! And only doing gymnastics for about a year? That's really great!
Always remember--gymnastics is a marathon with many milestones (no pun intended) along the way. There is no rush to soar to the top of the levels. Good luck with your dd and slow and steady is the way to go!!

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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Good for her! It is the first skill I think that makes them feel like they are doing big girl gymnastics, LOL. Glad she has reconnected with a coach that brings out the best in her!


That is awesome!!! Congrats to your DD. And four continuous back handsprings is terrific! My DD is just now thinking about connecting two BHS. She can do the ROBHS but hasn't really connected multiples yet, though she did do one with a heavy spot last week.


Good job!!!! The best part is watching them light up with pride whaen the get one of those "big girl" skills. Congrats!!!!:p


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
YAY! Congrats on that first BIG skill! BHS are such a big accomplishment and they really feel like they belong in the gym after getting that done. Sounds like she just needed the boast from a familiar face!
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