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Wanted to update you all who gave great advice for my DD on her bar skills. Tonight was the night! She got her front hip, mill circle and ROBHS all on the same night!! We were so excited, everyone was cheering her on. A very proud moment for her mom. :D

All those months of practice finally paid off. She now has all her L4 skills and her routines are looking great. First meet is in Feb. The whole team is looking really good, it will be fun to actually see them all compete. It sounds like all of your kids are all having a great time and doing very well. Keep up the good work!


Congrats! That makes for an exciting practice. I bet she was very proud of herself.


Congrats to her! My dd is a Level 4, too, and is struggling to get the front hip circle and her ROBHS. She has a private lesson on Friday to get some help. Her first meet is in 2 weeks and she's panicking.

Thanks for sharing!

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
Great to hear that it is all coming together. She has quite a while to really tune things up before her first competition.

Good luck to her and as mom you can now relax....:p


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
yay! it is so exciting to see them get something they have worked so hard for. my DD just started working on all 3 of those skills, so we have awhile to go for her to get them, but i know she will just be so proud of herself when she does.

tell her way to go!
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