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Jul 9, 2016
Not really looking for advice. Just wanted to vent.

My daughter who was moved up to Xcel Diamond is probably done with gym after this season. She had a great season previously but two of her main coaches ended up leaving and she mentioned a few times during the summer she wants to quit. She did have a new floor routine choreographed in June, so I was a bit surprised and a little annoyed since I just paid additional fees for it.

She has said the new coach is nice, but she doesn't push her much and my daughter feels like she has gotten worse. She is starting high school and does plan to do cross country. Originally, she planned to do both gym and a high school sport.

She did a tryout at a smaller gym this week. But then she also had her second cross country practice the same day and said she was really struggling to keep up since she had done so much that day. My bad for not thinking that through. I did tell her she wouldn't have do both practices again on the same day if she continues with gym.

I did arrange for a second try at the other gym next week just to see if she might want to continue. I will accept whatever she finally decides after that.

Just a little sad and annoyed how it all worked out (I think the change in coaching staff was a contributing factor - but nothing can be done about that) but will let her move on and support her with new sports.


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Jan 4, 2008
Sometimes I’ve thought a kid was done, but things can change. Keep an open mind and try the new gym.

Its probably time to sit down and chat about goals. Short term, what is she looking to achieve and what does she want in the long term?
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