Parents She said her goodbyes and is ready to move on

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Jul 12, 2012
DD has a few more weeks in the back brace but is healing well. She had a few rough weeks but is ready to start her life as an ex-gymnast soccer player public school student. It is weird how hard it is for us all to imagine our lives without WAG but I know it will be a great new chapter. She has done her first-time-ever back to school shopping and just got new soccer gear for her first Fall soccer season. We are adjusting and we now have proof that there is life after gymnastics. I will continue to lurk here as I ween myself off this sport! I do still have a ds in gym, so I need to keep up with the MAG page:) Blessings to you all as the beginning of a new season is upon us all!
It is amazing how they move on so well. I think it is harder on us when they have to stop,

I haven't had girls I. The gym for a few years now and still love the port, which is why the CB is still part of my life.

Stick around, you have a wealth of knowledge that can help many parents.
She will be a rockstar at soccer. My gymmie retired due to injury in the spring and played spring soccer. She is now on her high schools' JV team and is also playing city league soccer. Today she had full day of school, 2 hours high school soccer practice followed by 1 1/2 hours city league soccer. Most kids would not be able to handle this, however my daughter was still going strong at the end of the second practice while other girls were dragging.

Good luck to yours!
So glad to hear that your DD is healing well and enjoying the new things she is experiencing - how wonderful for her! When one door closes, a thousand more open, right?

My DD's last practice was yesterday. After a rough summer of Sever's, turf toe and frustration with bars, she has decided to focus on dance and some tumbling. She has developed a real love for dance and it brings her a lot of joy. Looking back, I saw it coming. She had a great practice yesterday and was still solid in her decision, which affirms that it was the right one.

It is definitely harder on us moms. As one good friend said to me (a great friend I met here!), it's more poignant as their parent because it's the end of a chapter in their lives. And an adult perspective is filled with first hand knowledge of regret and experience and loss. I definitely shed some tears, but always told her I'd support her 100% when she decided to move on. If that's all I ever get right, then that's ok with me ;)

Nothing is ever lost because of gymnastics. I'm so happy my daughter did competitive gym. She is strong, flexible, persistent and focused. It has taught her so much and she will carry that through into whatever she chooses to pursue. I'm grateful.

Anyway, I don't want to hijack your post. But, I did want to tell you that I am so happy that your daughter is doing well and loving the new things she is doing. I'm also going to hang around. Best of luck to all the retired gymmies and the ones preparing for the upcoming season!
Wishing your dd a fantastic school year and new sport adventure. Gymnastics has given her a solid sports foundation as well as determination so I am betting she will rock it this year. Please do keep luring and chimming in as well as updates on dd. :)
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