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Feb 9, 2020
Has anyone’s gym/region/local area had a shift from USAG to AAU memberships for their meets/gyms?
Our gym has always done both because the AAU season extends beyond the USAG season and their national meet is usually someplace fun and our gym likes that AAU memberships are inexpensive and offer more insurance coverage, so we have always had dual membership.
There seems to be alot of local gyms in my area and even in my state that are shifting to solely AAU meets and memberships, especially after Athlete A and the Larry Nassar trial really unveiled how corrupt USAG is as an organization. Most of the meet fliers in my state are offering sanctioned meets for both organizations.
I kind of like the idea of AAU. They oversee many sports, not only gymnastics and actually have really strong programs in other sports. I am secretly hoping that their gymnastics program takes off because the thought of giving USAG a dime of my money by way of membership and attending their sanctioned meets makes me sick.
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