Shin Injury

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Oct 5, 2008
I know this isn't the place for medical advice but thought i'd ask you guys as gymnasts tend to know all about injuries...!
2 weeks ago i fell off beam and whacked my shin so hard on the way down... i was collapsed on the crash mat in pain and couldn't move cause it hurt so much. After atleast half an hour of lieing there with an ice pack i got up and was still in a lot of pain but could hop around and just went on bars and kinda forgot about it. I didn't have a bruise but i had a purple mark exactly where i had hit it.
That night i woke up at about 1am in agony with it and was in so much pain i couldn't sleep. I couldn't walk the next day... or the next day... but after that i could walk fine, and then i started getting a pretty massive bruise! Which is still there. I was wondering why it's still hurting to run/jump, because the bruise was seeming to start to fade but i discovered today there is a huge dent in my shin! Exactly where i hit it (the mark is still there!), and i don't mean just a little dent, it's really noticable, it's really weird!
I don't usually take much notice of injuries i just ignore them and get on with it but what could i have done to it? It's obviously not broken or anything or i wouldn't be able to walk but it still hurts, and why the dent? o_O It'll go away right? I know shin injuries are like the worst so is that just why it's taking to long to go away?

I don't wanna sound like a drama queen - i know everyone gets injuries and usually way worse than this, but it's just it's been 2 weeks >_<


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
I would get it checked out by a Dr. It is better to be safe than sorry - you would not want to make something worse by continuing to use it if there is a break.
Oct 5, 2008
Thanks i might get it checked out. I'm not in agony or anything though, it hurts a lot to touch it or to put pressure on it while i walk or run or jump or whatever but if i walk gently then there's no pain. I'm just worried that if there's nothing wrong with it, the doctor will think i've wasted their time and i'll also look silly >_<
May 21, 2008
Definitely get it checked out, it doesn't matter if you feel silly. I think you would feel alot more silly & worse if you continued train and it got worse and you couldn't train at all!! ;)


Jul 5, 2007
If it really hurts a lot, even if you're not in the worst pain ever, it might be time to see a doctor.

However I've fallen on my shin on beam pretty hard quite a few times (there's a reason I don't attempt BHS BHS series anymore...why yes I miss my hands on the second one TOO MANY TIMES) and the bruises have been pretty bad. I also fell kind of on top of strap bar once and whacked my shin (don't ask) and had a hard lump under the skin for a long time.
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