Shin splints or something????

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May 4, 2009
I am having problems with my legs, I do realize you are not doctors and that I should see a doctor. I am just looking for ideas from your own experiences. I get terrible pain in my lower legs during gymnastics, specifically when we run or jump. I am fine on the trampoline. When jumping or running the pain is in my shins and outter leg muscles just below the knees and is sharp but it lingers if that makes any sence. After gym the shin pain goes away but the pain in that outside muscle continues to ache all week and feels almost like a deep bruise. I have consdiered it might be shin splints but the symptoms don't quite match up. Any idea on what is might be? Also I have been told that if it is shin splint in can be taped in a way to relive some of the pain, how do you do this? Thank you for any help!

Sorry to hear you're having pain. I would recommend seeing your doctor and using ice after training. In addition to that if something at gym is bothering it I would back off and give it some time to heal. Make sure you are eating a balanced diet with enough protein.
Hi it does sound that it could be shin splints but you really need it checked out by a doctor for proper advice. Make sure u stretching fully before pactice and keep legs warm during practice ( dont know how cold gym is) are u allowed to wear leggings. u can tape shin splints to help relieve pain but the best way to reduce it is to decrease the inpact on legs unitl its healed so maybe dong more skills on tampoline and when tumbling doing more skills into the pit. if u are going to tape it need proper advice from proffesional ie a physio as to how to do this.

It could be shin splints, but you need a doctor to diagnose that. In the meantime, ice can't hurt. If certain skills or drills are especially painful, let your coaches know. They might be able to minimize your time on the things that hurt the most.

Also, and I can't emphasize this enough, wear shoes with good support when you are not at gymnastics. Many casual shoes, sandals, and dressy shoes have no support and can exasperate foot and leg problems. I've had problems with shin splints, sore knees, and achilles tendon injuries, and getting fit for quality athletic shoes with the right support for my feet really helped.
I have pain on the outside of my shins and sometimes the inner too. I did a lot of work with bands bringing my ankle from neutral to out, and neutral to in resisting w/ the band, both pointed and flexed. Also, ankle pullbacks to work the shin (you need a partner to resist for you for it to work best). Then balance work on a wobble board to make your ankle stronger. However, if it's already sore you probably need to back off the pounding for a little while and ice. Check with a dr. and a PT for sure, though.
While there is a good possibility you are facing shin splints, keep in mind that thes might also be (or might develop to be) stress fractures, as the symptoms are very very very similar.

I have the exact same thing as you describe- was originally diagnosed with shin splints, later they changed it to SF. Either way, it hurts.
Treatment for both is similar, but stress fractures require lighter handling and take longer to heal.
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