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Im learning a shoot over for level 9 this year on bars and I have trouble turning. Iv been practicing the shoot over from 2 swings then going for it but I don't turn when Im flying over the bar. Can anyone help me. Im suppose to turn left because thats more comfortable for me. Any tips or drills or advice is truly appriciated.

Thank You :)


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
I am only a level 6, but when our level 8 was learning them, they had her put a mat on the floor behind the low bar. Then, she swings on the low bar and does the shootover and lands on her stomach on the mat. I think that would help with turning but i don't know!


Jun 24, 2008
Can you make the turn consistently when you're going onto mats? Also, have you actually tried turning both ways? I turn to the right on L5 dismounts, so I figured I would go that way on bails, too. I spent years-- literally-- flying forwards over stacks of mats and the bar (when everyone else graduated from the mats), and as soon as I tried turning to the left, I was able to bail almost to handstand immediately.

If you can turn going onto mats, and you're sure you're going your favorite way, make sure you turn your hips as you swing and spot the bar immediately. A lot of coaches also teach bails by having the gymnast release one hand before the other, which helps to start the turn.
Jan 28, 2008
I know its not the same but for my geingers, I started with a deep pike in the back and then when i tapped up to the ceiling, I initiated the twist with my hips and just looked for the bar. I hope it helps some, even though its not exactly the same

Good luck!!
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