shorter 2010 season in VA?

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Jul 5, 2007
No. Although some levels are already held around that time. We tend to hold off on compulsories until optional regionals are done. Of course it's only been in the last few years (probably when I was a senior in high school two years ago that was the first year of this) that they started combining some levels, renting venues, and streamlined the process. Level 8 states were separate from 9/10 until that point, and 6/7 also wasn't combined. 4 and 5 are really too big to combine. The meets also tended to be held in actual gyms rather than high school or college gymnasiums. Until 2007 (my last year in USAG), in fact, I don't think I ever competed at a state meet that wasn't in a gym. It used to be rare to go to meets in VA and have to pay an entrance fee.

I guess they can do it but it seems like a lot on top of L8-10 regionals. Won't know for sure until the schedule comes out. I wouldn't have even thought they were having those meetings yet until later in the summer, and I know some people who go to them. I seem to recall them being more like in July or August. I'd be surprised if the schedule changed. L5 has been that mother's day weekend in May since I was a L5 (for sure I can remember) and I would assume relatively long before that.
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