Should I buy grips?

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The last place where I took lessons told us not to wear grips even though we were getting rips.So once I start at my new place im going to start wearing grips,but I dont know what kind to buy.

So what kind are the best?
Also,are the Nastia Liukin grips any good?

To be honest,im not even sure.My old gym was a HUGE mistake,the only reason I went there because up until now there was no other place to take it.
Usually it is better to ask your own coach if you should buy grips, what type and what size. Coaches usually can tell you what is best for you in their programme.

It seems most girls get grips around level 5/6, when they have their kips and are beginning to work big swinging skills. Though some girls get them earlier, some girls get them later and some girls never use grips at all.

Good luck at your new gym.
Thanks,I'll just talk to my new coach once I start next week.
Most girls don't start using grips until they're about L5 or higher. Many coaches want your hands to toughen up naturally without the grips and get comfortable gripping and shifting your grip barehanded. Definitely talk with the new coach. If you're only doing 1 hour/week to start, it may not be worth paying the money for grips yet---you really won't have time to break them in.

Also, grips do not prevent rips.
Yeah, grips definately do not prevent rips, they just give you more places to rip... like your wrists.
About what brand...
I have had resisport grips for a very long time.
I have also had these grips called english bulldog grips. They were good too.
I haven't tried any other grips.
I second the ask your coach advice. Just looked and I don't know what brand Beth has--it's not on her grips (which are at home because of the meet last Saturday). I know they have buckles on them, rather than velcro--which her coach hates)
A lot of gyms have you get grips when you have your kip.
I have reisport grips and i like them. Grips have really lessened the amount of rips I get, and it is easier to do bars with rips when you have grips because you rip isnt directly on the bar.
I usually have girls get grips when we start seriously working on tap swings. There's nothing worse than a two swing release due to sore/sweaty hands. By that point their hands are usually toughened up enough by kip work imo. Ask the coach about what kind, some coaches have serious opinions on the matter.
No need for grips till swinging big enough toward giants. Get a kip first and learn how to jump to high bar first without grips. File down your callouses and use tape grips and save them till then.

If you're fairly small, no need to even bother.

If you're having problems with grip strength, do more grip strength work.

Maybe, just maybe if your hands are inordinately small there could be some argument for using grips early but only if you're working big swing work which most compulsories are not till L6.
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