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Dec 24, 2008
Well this last year of gym has been SO crazyy. We got new owners and new coaches and a new team. and half way through the year the old owners tried getting the gym back and just its been the longest year everrr. I dont really like my coaches or my team because my coaches make gymnastics not funn at all and they are always putting us down. And they favor gymnasts soooo muchh its annoyingg. I was going to switch gyms after state but im not sure if I want to do that. So now im taking a break for about a monthh. Before I always thought that like if I quit gymnastics that seeing anything to do with gymnastics would eat away at my heart. But looking at all my leos and all my medals it does nothing to me. I was a level 6 and I could be a level 7 next year and I want to do optional another year, but im not sure if I could handle my gym for another year. And I dont think I can see my self loving gym anymore. But im really hoping that the old owners can get the gym back because I love them so much and gymnastics was actullay fun with them. The new owners dont really know how to run a gym and they are married but they are getting devorced and there are so many BAD things about the "new" gym. But im just not sure if I should do it anotherr year. I want my gym to be rising stars again not stupid P.O.P. or poop gymnastics academy.


Jul 13, 2008
rainy washington
I'm sorry you have to deal with this! It seems like this is more of an issue with the gym, not necessarily about gymnastics itself. I would recomend trying out a new gym or something, it'd be sad to see coaches get in your way of having fun!


Mar 3, 2009
Mississippi currently
I would suggest taking a break for a little while and then maybe trying other gym. Like eeyoretumbles said it sounds like a gym problem not a problem with your gymnastics. If you still like gymnastics and want to do it then you should find a gym that allows you to still have fun and learn gymnastics at the same time. I hope everything works out for you!


It sounds to me that you still love gymnastics but are soooo tired of the stuff going on at your gym. Is there another gym you could try. Maybe you could check them out while your taking that break.

When girls hit that first year optional L7 alot quit because it IS a lot harder than the Compulsory levels and you do need to put more effort into it. The "favorite" syndrome is common unfortunately at many gyms its just something that goes with the sport.
Apr 15, 2009
Washington State
I am sorry to hear there is so much drama with your gym. I was wondering where POP came from because I didn't remember them from last year. Were you at states in Snohomish a couple of weekends ago? I was there supporting the level 6's from our gym (my daughters are level 4's) I know there are several gyms not too far from M-ville. Have you thought about switching? I love our gym because the girls have a lot of fun and still do well - my step -daughter won Level 4 State AA, Vault and bars this year! And my daughter won 2nd place on bars at state! But they laugh and enjoy their coaches so much!


Active Member
Jul 31, 2008
New Hampshire, USA
I'm so sorry! I agree with everyone who said that maybe you should try another gym, but if it still isn't fun, and you really want to quit, then I would say to take a little time off, and see if you like it or you want to go back. Then if you wanted to go back, you could revisit the gym issue. Good luck!


Apr 30, 2009
im sorry to hear about your situation. my gym has been kinda crazy too, because were loosing team members like nobody's business, our main coach who can spot ANYTHING left, and our gym is loosing money too. and since all my team mates are gone, and my body is getting beat up, i was seriously considering quitting. i dont wanna go to the other gym, because i do have a life outside of the gym, even though its my passion. i was getting myself into a mental state of mind that said that gym wasnt my sport anymore, and that cheerleading was for me. (now everyone knows gymnastics is WAYY better haha) but my coach talked to me and told me to hang in there, and that with hard work, i could reach my goal of colleigate gymnastics. and sure enough, im happy about my decision to stick with it and not quit. now every once in a while, i need a break. gym is really hard on your body. but dont stay out too long! itll be harder when you go back!! :) good luck
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Nov 3, 2008
Region IV (Missouri)
My advice... find a new gym. Now. Perhaps you have school friends that attend other gyms? Ask around.

If it's not fun, and you don't like the coaches or care for the team, then you're wasting your own time, delaying your progress, and wasting your parents money. No need to wait for states. Just go. Taking a break for a month? Why? Hoping everything will be resolved when you go back?? It wont be.

Just switch. You'll be happier, and gym will be fun again. That's kind of the point of gym isn't it... the fun and the challenges?

I can't think of a better, more positive challenge for you at this point.
Make sure that you let us know what you decide.


I'm with everyone else--take a short break, then find another gym. Sounds like all your problems are with the gym, not gymnastics. But if you are happy without gymnastics, then move on and find something else you are passionate about. No one deserves to be miserable, so find what makes you happy.


Dec 24, 2008
Thank you all so muchh. The only thing is the closet gym besides mine is leading edge and no offense I would rather not go there, plus we wouldnt be able to afford it there. And I was going to go to sky valley but I dont see myself progressing much there. They dont have a strap bar, they dont have a tumble track. At my gym we have that stuff and I can see myself getting better there for the most part. My mom says that if I were to go back to that gym that I would go there strickly for gymnastics I would just have to try not to hear/get involved in any drama. But again there is a chance the old owners will get the gym back, but my mom said that I shouldnt expect it. Which I guess she is right because last time I thought it was going to happen and it didnt I could barley say anything for a week I was so upset. And you guys are right I shouldnt wait around for things to change. Also ive been out of gym for 2 weeks, and im loving the break. It feels so good to not be working out 4 days a week. But im not sure if just because im enjoying means that I dont want to do it anymore. And along with my mom and the old owners I want to see myself do level 7 before I quit, compulsearary is so boringg. And I did have most my level 7 skills, so it wouldnt be a huge struggle.
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