Should I Quit?

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A bit of background info: I'm 15 and I've been doing trampoline for about 6 years now, 5 of them competitively.
I'm at (Canadian) provincial level 4 which is the level at which you can qualify for level 5 (national).
I remember that probably for the first two years I competed, I was so eager to learn and was always excited to be in the gym.
However, now I am no longer excited to go to training, and its been like this for probably a year.
I want to quit because I don't find myself wanting to jump and I am wasting a lot of time socializing at training instead of being productive.
However, I feel like I would really regret it because I would be leaving goals that I was trying to acheive such as
1. Getting over a 2 year mental block on back fulls (I have harder skills but I just can't get a full)
2. Making it to Nationals
3. Doing really well at comps (I recently have become more confident and not nervous at all at competitions and I used to get major anxiety)
I feel like if I quit I would be a failure because I never got top 3 at qualifiers and never even got to the national level
But on the other hand, trampoline isn't fun anymore!
As well as, I'm not sure what I would do instead of tramp, as it's always been my only sport.


Apr 12, 2017
Sounds like a though spot to be in. Have you talked to your coach about it? Maybe take a break of 1 or 2 weeks and see if you miss it?

Unfortunately members need to be aged 16 and over, so come back in a year or so (if you are still in the sport that is).

Good luck!
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