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I'm asking this question in the parents forum because I'm assuming you have the most experience with leo fitting. I hope you don't mind :)

I just bought a new leotard (by Milano), size 34". It is a TAD large girth-wise, and I'm wondering if I should replace it for a 32". Being 23, I doubt I'm going to grow into it.
I'm strictly rec, and I wear shorts on top of my leotard anyway, but it just feels a bit annoying knowing it's not a perfect fit.

I took a few pictures to show exactly where my problems are:
When I bend
The, err, bottom part, which is the most annoying area
Fully stretched- still a bit of excess leo at the bottom

I can exchange it without problems, but I'm afraid the 32" will be too small, because my butt is already trying to say NOOOO.

What are your experiences? Is it better to have one that is a tad loose, or one that is too tight? How big are the differences between the sizes?

Thank you all so very very much!
Feb 26, 2007

I would go down a size, the one you have now is definitely too big on you, it should look sleek when you stand up straight without any baggyness. Shiny fabrics looks a lot better when stretched, lovely leo though!

I find the butt rides up on my dd even more when a leo is too big, as the leg openings are too large, a good fit on the legs means less disomfort.


I agree - it is definitely too big. If you can return it and get a smaller size I would. As you said - since you are done growing you're not going to grow into it.


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Aug 22, 2008
I'm with the others - definitely go for the smaller size. There's no question about it - this is WAY too big. You should be fine with the smaller size

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
I like the style and color!! How's that for dodging the question? I think it comes down to how you feel in it. If its uncomfortable then go for a smaller size. Competition leos need to be skin tight, but I see alot of girls wear a slightly looser practice leo.

Might help if someone at the gym has a leo in the smaller size and would let you try it on or the gym has a pro shop and you could try one in a similar size. You might also want to call the manufacturer and ask about difference in measurement and size before sending this one back.


Thanks guys :)

I tried doing some handstands in it, and it moves around a bit- so I sent it back today :)

I had no idea how they were supposed to fit, and your feedback really helped me.

Thanks again!
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