should i stay in my level?

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Jan 19, 2009
so i am currently a level 8 and struggling with my tricks sometimes my teammates will ask me if i am competing 8 or 7 this meet... is it okay that i get mad at them? i mean they say there kidding but i hate people rubbing it in my face :( theres only two level 8's at my gym and the other 8 always has to brag how she does everything better than me but this is her 3rd year of 8 and this is my 1st i dont know. i feel as if i am never good enough for myself coaches and my dad my coaches have told me they are going to move me to 9 next year but the way things are going idk if i am going to stay next year if you were me would you go back to 7? i need help!!!!!
Sep 19, 2008
What is it exactly you're struggeling with?

What levels are in your training group?

Sounds like a tough situation for you, but really, you shouldn't listen to your teammate who's a level 8 for the third year - of course she has the skills and I guess she's just worried and insecure if your coach wants to move you to L9 but hasn't moved her for a couple of years now. She probably wants to prove her standing and show the coach that she's just as good and should be moved up as well.

Also with about your coach - obviously believes you can do it, otherwise you wouldn't be training that level. Relax. Whatever he does to make you feel insecure might be his coaching style - maybe he believes it to be motivating?
Try talking to him in a calm manner,... that you are not sure if you can do it and that sometimes you need more reassurance that you can.

Last but not least - you're in it for yourself. If you feel you've given it a good try, than you are always good enough. Gymnastics is a tough sport, and there's a limit for everyone. The higher levels take work, and you have to decide for yourself if it's worth the stress. Try to enjoy the time in the gym and not think about "failing" all the time.
If I were you, I'd stay L8 for now but talk to the coach about your worries. And just try to enjoy gymnastics,.. get away from the pressure you put on yourself


I have never had a problem with gymnasts staying at a level. In level 9 my coach asked if I wanted to do another year at 9 or move to 10 with all my friends. I chose to stay 9 because I felt I'd be more successful and have more fun and be less stressed trying to "keep up." Do what you know is best for you and if staying back a level is the answer then have fun and enjoy yourself and the harder skills will come easier with a better mastery of the basics

Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
It sounds to me like you need to slow down a bit to let your confidence catch up to where your coaches believe you should be.

Talk to your coaches. Let them know about your concerns.
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