Anon Should you tip the routine choreographer?

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Anonymous (e7f7)

My daughter will have her own routine for the first time. She will learn it this week with the choreographer coach. The gym is charging $200. Should I tip the choreographer when I take her for the lesson to learn the routine? Not sure what the etiquette is for this. Thank you!
I've paid for two routines: $350 arranged at our own gym and $500 arranged privately. In both cases the fees were clearly set forth ahead of time, and we did not feel a need to tip on top of that. There was nothing awkward about paying in either circumstance, plus I'm pretty sure our own gym would have told us if a tip was proper etiquette.

The only tipping done that I've heard of was for a young choreographer who charged merely $100. I think some parents tipped her because she did better routines than the previous $350 ones, so they felt like she undercharged and wanted to compensate her properly.

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