Shoulder Injury!!!

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May 8, 2008
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My DD has a mild shoulder seperation. It happened 4 weeks ago and is wanting to do bars so bad. The doctor never gives us a time frame of when she can go back to bars but says she can do flloor beam and vault. Has anyone had this injury? How long till you could do bars? She is so sad right now its been hard on me too.:(:(:(


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Feb 26, 2007
Can you call the Doc and ask him specifically about the bars? He really is the only one who can tell you for sure.

I feel for your DD, and you, my DD has had so much down time from injury the last two years that she is very, very sad about losing skills and not keeping up with her team:(. Injuries are very hard, emotionally and physically.
Mar 4, 2008
That can be tough.

Doctors and youth sports injuries do not seem to go well together. My DD's last injury was a hyperextension and dislocation of her elbow and she spent about three months doing Beam, running and conditioning. With her injury, which might be somewhat similar to your DDs, the Dr was the same way and did not release her too soon. They always worry about reoccurring or worse problems. Dr. had to sit down with our DD and say straight out "If you dont let it heal and rest it... you will break it"! Youch! Sure got her attention and made her more patient knowing the possible dire consequenses though. Hang in there with her and maybe finding some other physical activity the Dr will allow might help it heal and take some of the angst out of your DD.:)


i didn't hurt my shoulder but i dislocated and broke my elbow so i know what it's like to not be able to do bars for a long time. the most important thing is to try to stay as strong as possible. the hardest thing for me to do when i came back was a kip but once you get that back everything else is super easy (giants, casts, etc.). so i would just remind her that chillin and not doing bars is only going to help her shoulder and when she eventually goes back fully she'll be better than ever!
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