Shoulder pain

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Aug 8, 2007
West Coast
My shoulder pops out and back into place randomly. I don't think it's actually being dislocated because it always pops back in immediately, but it hurts for a few days afterword. It often does it on back extension rolls, but it's also happened to me when I was doing back handsprings on beam, and today when I was messing around and I did a back tuck on the trampoline, which I do many of almost everyday and I threw my hands up to set and my shoulder popped out of place and I twisted to the side :/

It's happened to both my shoulders, but usually just my left one. Does anyone else have this happen? Do you know what it is actually called when it pulls out of the socket, but not really all the way?
Subluxation. My shoulders also do this on toe hechts and every so often on BHS and various forms of handstands. Usually it's painless, but I've had times when I've had to really limit activity for a few days.
You need to start concentrating on strictly shoulder conditioning. I have the same issue, but mine is caused from a broken shoulder years ago.These are some conditioning exercises that my coach set me up with, I would recommend talking to yours as well.

Take some weights, probably about 8 lbs will be good, you can try 10, and lay on your back. With on arm, hold it straight up in the air, and lift your shoulder off the ground. Do 15 on each side to start. Also, do a laying down bench press, with both weights, but lift your shoulder at the end again, like you did in the last exercise. Wall Pushups are always a good thing as well. And rowing will help as well. You can just tie up some resista bands, and row with them:) I have found a very marked improvement in my shoulders, less popping out=less likely to crash. Good luck, and I hope this helped
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