WAG Sia - Chandelier floor routine

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My dd would love that. Although I admire the creativity it isn't my cup of tea.
Love the leaps but I admit I didn't care for the moves straight from the video. I'm not really a big fan of the video to begin with though...
I dunno, I love seeing some dance elements in gym routines and perhaps a small trick or two in dance routines, but I personally think when one blurs the lines too much it's enjoyable as neither, if that made sense. I have one Dd in gymnastics and one in dance.... I like to be able to tell their routines apart, lol!
This was a beautiful gymnast and I like the creativity behind it, just wouldn't have been my own personal first choice (since I don't care for that video).
I can't say I enjoyed the music choice nor the choreography, however the leaps and tumblimg was very nice & she appears to be immensely talented!
It was for one of our elite grades (a bit like an elite compulsory qualifier). Not sure if she intends to use it further or just as a one off. She is super talented. If you watch her beam and Range & Conditioning routines you can see how much.

I loved it as a one off unusual routine. Not many kids could carry it off. It is great to see something different.
Also a routine along these lines would probably suit some of the gymnasts who are powerful tumblers but just not graceful, and who look a bit odd and awkward trying to do the more balletic type dance elements.
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Wow, I'm surprised at all the negative comments! IMO there are a lot of good points to this routine. The leaps are gorgeous, the tumbling is solid and the transitions from dance to tumbling were very good. Admittedly, I have not seen the video. However, especially today, where most routines look alike in so many ways, it's refreshing to see someone think outside the box and try to put some artistry in a floor routine. This girl appears to be young, and some of her movements were still a little immature, but I do think it is a step in the right direction. It may not be everyone's preferred style, but I'm surprised that more people can't appreciate it for what it is. :)
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Honestly, I found this unpleasant to watch. Her gymnastics is lovely but this routine, and type of dancing, are simply off putting to me. I crave either the grace and elegance of ballet or the rhythm and hard beats of hip hop in dance. This herky jerky style just looks awkward to me. There is so much subjectiveness in dance.
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I liked it too - nice to have somehting different!
If I could leap like this gymnast, I would just leap everywhere. all. day. long.

Oh the routine! Was distracted by the leaps...
The music instrumentation was a bit weird for me. I liked some parts of the choreography and some weren't my favorite choice, but I applaud the idea. I do love the song and Maddie the young dancer in it is amazing to watch. Hard to match Maddie's dance, but I do like the push for artistry. I find most routines boring necessities between tumbling, so it's nice to have something attention-getting! :)
This was terrible! I hated the music video, and thought the subject matter was way to mature for a child dancer. I would say the same about this routine. From what I understand, the dancing in the video is meant to portray alcoholism/mental illness. I don't think the gym floor is an appropriate place to explore these issues. As a social worker, I have worked with mentally ill children and adults, and I don't appreciate how the dancing in the music video, and this routine, practically mock, for entertainments sake those who suffer from debilitating illnesses.
Leaps and tumbling are beautiful. And in general I like a contemporary dance style. What I can't get over though is that the dance moves are the exact ones from the video. To me that is not creative.
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I agree, the gymnastics parts are great; but that the dance is all pretty much copying the video doesn't sit well with me. On top of that, I don't even like the dancing in the video, so copying it means I like it even less.
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Her leaps were beautiful and her tumbling as well. However, the movements for her dance elements, to me, did not show of her skill and technique in a way that showed her strength and beautiful long lines to her advantage.
Oh, I love that. Really different. She is mesmerising, absolutely. I love that she has done something most wouldn't attempt, let alone achieve. And that Range clip was unreal.

I did not know the original video but, having watched it, I love the way they have interpreted it. I'm all for artistic nods, especially overt ones.

I don't really understand why folk are getting het up about a bit of borrowing. There is a very good reason why most moves are named after gymnasts. Nobody loses their head about that. And how many little girls have you watched imitate the you-you-you Podkopayeva point? Perhaps it would sit easier if the original material was from the world of gymnastics?
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