Side of shin pain

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Feb 21, 2009
Region 6
Does anyone else have a problem where the outside of your lower legs (called the peroneal muscle) hurts when you vault/tumble/land on beam?

Mine usually start up especially if I do two hard practices in a row, or have gymnastics two days in a row. If we sprint outside for vault it really flairs up, and also really flares up if we do lots of plyometrics. I was just wondering if anyone had exercises that have helped. Currently I ice them down after practice and just limit my number of turns where there is a lot of pounding, and use sting mats/8 inchers whenever possible. I also vault w/ the minitramp sometimes to eliminate pound the board.

Its very frustrating because its limiting my training hours, and I have been battling this problem ever since I was 15, and that is about 8 years of being in gymnastics dealing w/ this.
Jan 28, 2008
I had them too but a couple of exercises helped.

-On the floor, get into a sprinter's stance? (one knee bent in a 90 degree angle, other leg stretched back like doing the splits) and tap your toes while your heel is still touching the ground.

-whenever you can, walk on your heels instead of the usual toe-heal toe-heal

Also instead of icing with bags, try freezing a paper cup full of water and rub it on the shins. It massages and ices at the same time!

Hope you feel better soon!
Feb 8, 2008
That was happening to me two summers ago and it was my tendons that were really tight. Make sure you are stretching at the beginning AND end of each practice, and massage them. I would just had my mother the rolling pin and she would attempt to roll out my legs.
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