For Parents Silly little question - but maybe a glimpse into a bigger picture?

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Dec 22, 2014
My DD shared with me on the way home from practice today that she "balked" on every yurchenko timer today because she was scared (would run down runway, hurdle then stop). She explained that the vault coach told her that all of the girls in DD's group were now suddenly required to vault with the exact same table height and same number/placement of springs. According to the vault coach, this was a decision made by the HC, who was not there today. My DD (who is the weakest vaulter in the group, and also one of the lighter girls) typically has her table set 5cm lower and uses one less spring. My DD asked if she could start with one or the other (higher table/fewer springs or lower table/extra spring) but was told no. Vault coach told her if she wanted to "argue" she should take it up with HC. So my DD ran, hurdled and balked - over and over. Finally she was sent to a trainer vault in the pit area.

I know this is a small thing -- but is this typical? Should I reach out to a coach to discuss/advocate for DD? Given all of the anxiety my DD is feeling in the gym right now, this seems unproductive? Or am I just turning into a CGM?

Thanks in advance


Proud Parent
Oct 4, 2015
I don't think you're being a crazy gym mom. I would also be concerned if it were my DD. But it's only been one practice, so there's every chance that your child will in fact adjust to the coaches' new vault height and spring board expectations, without any additional intervention on your or the coaches' parts. I think it's fair to email your coaches or talk to them before/after practice (whichever is their preferred method of contact) to express your concerns that this could become a mental block for your DD. I would probably stay and watch vault for a couple of days, just to make sure things are going smoothly for your DD on that event. Sometimes it can be hard to gauge how big of a deal something is when we are hearing it 2nd hand from our kids.


Proud Parent
Dec 22, 2016
It seems odd to me to not be at least willing to talk about easing them into the change. Your dd it seems presented a very reasonable alternative to move towards their goal (she didnt say no, or I will never, or anything like that) Perhaps the coach misunderstood the directive from the HC? I would definately consider emailing (or whatever the prefered communication method is) and say while DD is happy to work towards this goal is there any leeway with easing into the adjustment to make sure she can do so safely and with no mental blocks. Vault settings are a very particular thing to gymnasts especially when you get to the different entries etc.


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Sep 3, 2005
One thing I have learned over the years is that big changes to Yurchenko entries typically lead to big results…

…and usually the result is so big that’s it’s an entirely new vault… like a run past the side of the table.

I always make small changes over time now.

However… I have hard lined many beginner groups into the same basic settings when possible in order to get the vault workout efficient enough to be effective.
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