Sinding-Larsen-Johansson Syndrome??

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Apr 16, 2008
I tried doing a search but didn't find many posts on this.
It seems to not be as common as Osgood's?
My 9yr old was just diagnosed about 2 months ago. Her knee was pretty bad off before we got the diagnosis, we thought it was a fracture, she had a little pocket of fluid that you can see on her knee cap.
In Aug. she cut down at gym but was still pretty active (this was when the pain started but we thought it was just a sprain). At end of Aug. is when we finally figured out what she had. I want to say Aug. 30th.
She's been off completely since then. She had a check up at the 4 week mark and her knee was MUCH better, she wanted to start running but when the doc applied pretty hard pressure on it, she jumped. =( So he gave her another 4 weeks, completely off. (Just upper body conditioning)

From my understanding Osgood's is pretty self limiting but this isn't. The doc said if she were to go back before it's completely healed, she can experience a tear and need surgery. :eek: He says you don't mess with this...that she'll be fine and can continue but we need to give it TIME to heal. Plus, that this would stick around, that she will probably have pain come and go. I'm TERRIFIED of letting her go back!! Plus, I figure geeesh, with it coming back how much will she be able to really do in the long run?

...sigh....I don't know..then of course we would have to deal with talking to her about it and letting her know what might be best for her in the long run (to discontinue).

Anyone have a gymnast with this syndrome?
My daughter had this a year and a half ago. It took a month of no gym activity at all, physical therapy and icing. I also tried Oscon which we believed helped tremendously. When she did go back it was no impact activity and pain she had to stop. Slowly added impact tumbling etc. With a cho pat strap on her knee. She also has flat feet so she does exercises for that too with orthotics. She iced after every practice. Took about 9 months from the time she showed symptoms until it was completely resolved. Pm me if you want.
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