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I found another Meet Score site (other than MSO) a few days ago. Maybe you all have seen it, but I hadn't. It's a little more simplified than MSO, but it has some nice features. You can click on a gymnast's name and get their 'personal best' scores, which is kind of fun.

Completed meets w/ scores are printed in bold & you click on them. You can click on individual gymnasts and also teams. My guess is that they get most of the scores from MSO, but it also seems like they have some scores that MSO does not. And it won't have any scores if the meet hosts did not post the results anywhere on the web. Only dd's from CA show up, FL doesn't post them much.

Unfortunately, I think it only shows meets in the USA, sorry to all of you outside the States! I'm sure you all have your sites that you like, probably nicer than ours!

Here's the link:

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