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Nov 18, 2011
Region 7
Does anyone know what the heck happened to Skidz wrist guards? My son's been using them happily for years, and then about a month ago I went to order new ones and they seem to be off all the websites. Is anybody using something that works equally well? Asking for a grumpy pommel worker.
My kid needs them for the first time and I just tried to order yesterday- sold out everywhere. I even looked at Ebay with no luck. I'm curious about why- did the company go out of business? A Covid related shutdown?
THey are gone for now. I know some people who have communicated with the company, and they have had production issues.

I know some kids have had luck with ten-o. We ordered don joys and D is working to modify them a bit. It really stinks ;(
Oh, also in case anyone else is interested -- my daughter and some of the younger and smaller guys on our team have had success with Pegasus. They aren't a good solution for my (now shockingly large) teenager, but they might work well for guys who aren't as big.
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Ah, interesting. My son looked at options and also picked out Donjoy as a solution.
I am not sure they are exactly the same, as D says there are some things he does not love about them. RIght now, he is trying to get thru nationals with his skids, and then will figure out the donjoys later.
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Yeah, it doesn't look like a perfect solution for sure. But we are into uptraining now and he needs something. His poor Skidz are just about hopeless at this point -- he nursed them through regionals but had a very hard time preparing for the meet.
Ahh this has been an issue for my DD lv 8 as well. Skids are the only wrist support she will wear, will not use Tiger Paws or EZY Pro. I was looking into the Ten 0 and Donjoy as well. Does anyone have details about something similar that limits the hyperextension of the wrist but does not cover the palm at all? Thanks!
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So if you don't mind me asking, did your boys start with skidz and stick with them. Or did they start with light support and then move to something heavier as they grew?
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