WAG Skills after injury

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Proud Parent
May 28, 2019
Hello! My level 7 had a beautiful free hip handstand and then was out with a back injury for about a month. Everything else came back quickly but she is beyond frustrated with this one skill she can not get back. I think it’s part fear but not all. If you’ve dealt with this - are there any magical words i can share with her that might help? Or do we just wait? She’s been back almost two months.
Took my kid a year to come back completely from a back “tweak”. FYI, my kid is a turtle normally
I don't really know about those skills, but I had a very minor disc bulge in my lower back..been about a year and 3 months...still not healed... however only two skills trigger that pain: back walkovers and front walkovers - and that pain is excruciating to the point that I have to sit down, round my back completely to be able to continue with anything else... i try to stay away from these walkovers now lol

I'd say if the back is fine, it will come with time...